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QBasic for Beginners   

■   Balloons.bas   > Rising balloons Program

■   DrawLine.bas  > Draw Multi Lines

■   Flagbd.bas      > Bangladeshi Flag with Music

■   Jupiter.bas      > Draw Jupiter and starts

■   DrawMug.bas  > Draw a Mug with Coffee and shapes


QBasic for Programmers

■        > Digital and Analog Clock

■  > 5 Types of Menu Programs

■   Boxframe.bas > Using ASCII code design frames

■   Music.bas      > Piano Program (Graphics)

■   Password.bas > Dos Password Program


Programs Samples

■   BankProg.bas > Demo of a Bank Program

■   Calculat.bas   > A Calculator Program Dos based

■   Omsmsg.bas  > Demo Dos-Windows base messages

■   Omssprd.bas  > A Spreadsheet program Dos-Windows base

■   Phone.bas      > A Telephone Directory Program

■   ReptCard.bas > A School Report Card Program


Advanced QBasic

 ... >  Turn off your computer using QBasic .....coming soon

 ... > Use your modem to send receive message to other....

 ... > Design your own hardware .....coming soon

Download [Learn Visual Basic in Steps]

VBasic for Students/Beginners

■   > Start learning [VBasic for beginners]

■   > Small programs for beginners

■    > Save data in a file and restore

■  > Use database in your program


VBasic for Intermediate

■   a

■   b

■   c


Sample Programs

■   a

■   b

■   c


Creating your own ActiveX  & Dll

■   a



O'Level & 'A'Level Computing Studies Project  ....coming soon

Download QBASIC 4.5 Program


■   OMS-Memory Game

       Famous Nokia Memory Game.

■   OMS-Ludu Game

      Famous Bangladeshi LUDU 

      Snake, Single & Network



■   Phone Book

     Telephone Directory including 

     Address book, Quick Mail,

     Writing Letter to the friend in    


■   Photo Album

     Picture Album including slide

     show & timing, Page view with


■   OMS-Whom   File Explorer (You can view any kind of file)  

■   Chatting   Chatting software for your local network

■   Book Library Management  

■   Runtimes files  



■   Download Winzip.exe  Zip-Key