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Using Parallel, LPT or Printer Port 

Programming The Parallel Port In QBasic


Programming The Parallel Port In Visual Basic

Understanding LPT printer port



LED on Printer Port
■   Traffic Control 

■   LED Moving Display
■   12 Relay On/Off
■   12 LED Animation
■   ...more

Text Scrolling Display
■   Display Text in 7Segment (4 Digit)
■   Counter - Date - Time Display
■   7x16 LED Text Scrolling Display 
(Entire circuit using one IC & no power supply required)
■   7x48 LED Text Scrolling Display (Include Animation and Char software)
■   ...more

Sound Card - ADC/DAC
■   Simple Sound Card & Windows Driver
■   Sound Card Low-Pas filter (Recording & Playback)
■   Sound Card Using ADC
■   ...more



EPROM Programmer 
■   EPROM Manual Programmer 
■   EPROM Character Designer
■   EPROM Text Scrolling Circuit

Using Sensors Input/Output (LPT1)
■   Design a simple O.M.R. Device
■   Design your own JOYSTICK
■   Using INFRA-RED sensors

Stepper Motor

Build a Robot